Monday, 30 July 2007

Tour of the Bolivian Salt Flats and Surrounds

Salar de Uyuni is located in the southwest part of Bolivia. It is at an elevation of 3,650m and has an area encompassing 10,000sqkm, making it the biggest and highest salt flat in the world.

3-4 day 4WD tours are the most popular way to experience this awsome place.
Here is our group. We have Guillermo from Mexico, Nicky from Austria, me from NZ, Rachel from Aussi, and the 2 british dudes who i cant remember there names. I think one is Paul.

Thats me in the front
Thats Guillermo, he rules the salt!

Notice the piles of salt in the background. Local campesinos harvest the salt by hand, dry it over a fire, pack it and sell it.

a Salt flat sunset
Hanging out on the bolivian-chilean border
Us in front of a mountain and a lake (the pointy thing is the mountain and the flat thing is a lake)
Traveling in style
Luxury accomadation at 4300m
For more than you would ever want to know about salt- check out this cool link.

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Robert said...

Aweeeeesome. Great photos, Matt.