Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Cycling in Colombia

I Cycled 870km from Bogota (the capital) to San Cristobal in Venezuela.
The first impression that I had from Colombia is the amount of people out riding bicycles. Cycling is very popular, and this made me feel comfortable riding around.
Map of my route through Colombia shown in blue pen. When travelling by bike you get to see all the little towns in the middle of nowhere, which otherwise on a bus you would just wizz straight past. This tiny and run-down place had an impressively big and modern church. It was in little villages like this that the people are the friendliest.
Lots of the colombian andes is like this. Green rolling hills.And this...there is always plenty of contrast.
Then there are the hills. Lots of hills.And "dangerous corners"...
This was one of my most enjoyable rides - an almost 30km downhill into this canyon, then up the other side. It was baking.
Bucaramanga, Columbias second biggest city. I took this photo partway up the massive 50km uphill.

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