Thursday 25 May 2017

I haven't used this blog for quite a few years. I have another blog site that I have been using over the last couple of years called "Whale of a Time". This site supports my Youtube Channel "WhaleOfATime" by adding pictures, stories and information to my video content. A lot of my content features interesting things from my work in Antarctica. Visit Whale of a Time or click on the links or pictures below to visit a specific page.

killer whale breaching biopsy gun
Studying orcas on the edge of the antarctic sea ice

driving across the sea ice between huge icebergs in antarctica
Driving between massive icebergs to set up a scuba diving camp

Search and Rescue on Mount Erebus
An exercise on the southern-most active volcano on earth

Seal rides a whale
A page dedicated to our famous viral video

adelie penguins sea ice antarctica
Spectacular images and videos of emperor and Adelie penguins.

person slapped by whale tail
A video collection of people vs whale tails

iceberg as paddleboard perito moreno glacier
Grab a oar, jump on a berg, and go for a paddle!

girl swimming with whale shark in mexico
Getting up close and personal with the largest fish on earth.

how do penguins stand up when they fall down
Penguins have long bodies and short stumpy legs. How do they get back up after falling over?

video of gigantic whale penis
We observe the mating rituals of one of the most well endowed animals on this planet.

glacier mcmurdo dry valleys antarctica
We visit one of the windiest driest places on earth

how do penguins mate
Catch a sneak peek at how the birds do it

Thursday 7 May 2009

Ascent of Denali, The Great One.

Setting out on our first day was very surreal.
Day 2's move to camp 1 we had perfect weather. Summit is shown in the background.
After making a cache just before camp 2 (notice the tracks up the hill) we had a lazy day in the sun.
Sunset from camp 2 at 10,800ft.Looking down on camp 3 (14,200ft)Me walking up the West Butress towards high camp.High Camp (camp 4, 17,200ft, 5300m)
Me at Denali Pass on Summit day. Note frozen boogers.Mike on the summit ridge.Us on the summit ridge.Us on the summit.Us on the summit 30 minutes later.Back at basecamp and we have acumulated a huge bag of poo!!

Friday 10 April 2009

Waterfall Ice Climbing

The approach - double x-stream
Mike doing what we always do after we climb to the top
Oh so good
A bold lead from Mike up to a small ledge above him.
I then took over and lead us to glory in the sunshine
Crazy frozen river with the waterfall we climbed in the backgroundMe leading up the "background waterfall"Mike leading almost the same line on "background waterfall"