Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ascent of Denali, The Great One.

Setting out on our first day was very surreal.
Day 2's move to camp 1 we had perfect weather. Summit is shown in the background.
After making a cache just before camp 2 (notice the tracks up the hill) we had a lazy day in the sun.
Sunset from camp 2 at 10,800ft.Looking down on camp 3 (14,200ft)Me walking up the West Butress towards high camp.High Camp (camp 4, 17,200ft, 5300m)
Me at Denali Pass on Summit day. Note frozen boogers.Mike on the summit ridge.Us on the summit ridge.Us on the summit.Us on the summit 30 minutes later.Back at basecamp and we have acumulated a huge bag of poo!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Waterfall Ice Climbing

The approach - double x-stream
Mike doing what we always do after we climb to the top
Oh so good
A bold lead from Mike up to a small ledge above him.
I then took over and lead us to glory in the sunshine
Crazy frozen river with the waterfall we climbed in the backgroundMe leading up the "background waterfall"Mike leading almost the same line on "background waterfall"


Iklutna Canyon